PIR Motion Sensor (Model : SH01)

PIR Motion Sensor (Model : SH01) is an energy saving device. It is a motion sensor detector switch which automatically controls lights fans etc. This automatic light switch detects movement based occupancy and keeps the connected loads like lights, fans etc ON. It shuts of the appliances, once the area is vacant / the movement stops.


  • Very attractive shape & compact size, White ABS plastic body,
  • Good quality sensor element (dual sensor element) – Operate even on finger movement, Top quality Fresnel lens, Semi conductor re-settable fuse,
  • Short circuit and supply surge protection, Supply noice filter, improved temperature compensation, Zero cross switching, Relay protection circuit,
  • Ceiling / wall mounting option - Can be erected on ceiling or wall,
  • Detection range : 90degree x 17 mtrs
  • ON time adjustable from 30 secs to 20 min, Jumper setting
  • Lux level adjustable by jumper setting as day mode, dusk mode and night mode - The unit can be set to work only at day time / evening time to full night / at night time only,
  • Detection area adjustable by jumper setting as low, medium and high,
  • One mode : The unit can be be set to remain ON for a period of 8 hours irrespective of any movement or ambient lux level – This features enable to use the unit in area like conference room etc,
  • Quick Check mode : For checking the sensitivity, the unit can be set to this quick check mode.
  • 36 months warrenty.


  • Supply voltage : 230 volts +/- 10%age, Safe
  • Load : 500watts
  • Detectable motion speed : 0.5 to 1.5 mtr/sec